About Us

Kurle' Kurls is a Black owned natural hair care line designed to be a "one stop shop" for maintaining moisturized, healthy, beautiful and luscious curls while keeping all hair types/textures in mind. Kurle' Kurls provides the key essentials for natural hair: moisture, bestowing hydration preventing breakage, minimizing tangling, curl definition, shine, bounce and conditioning; while eliminating harsh chemicals like parabens, dyes, mineral oil, sulfates, petroleum and silicones. Our Curl Definer/Moisturizer is Certified Organic. 

Our product is made in the USA by the best chemist through our manufacturer that we worked closely with to make sure each step of the process and each ingredient are of quality and beneficial to our customers.  Our product was tailormade to ensure that it works effectively for most hair types with ease and deliver the results that we promise.

This journey began with myself, the founder, starting my natural hair journey.  I personally struggled with finding the right product that provided moisture that lasted longer than a few hours to a day max, having to apply the product daily, which leads to product buildup and unsightly white residue on the hair.  I tried almost every product on the shelf.  Nothing provided what my hair needed so badly.  I soon discovered other "naturals" had this same issue. Not to mention, the root cause is that most products for Natural Hair are not even owned/created by someone of color or someone that have the hair texture that their product was made for use, not understanding what our Natural Hair really needs. 

For this extreme concern, we started our line with our Organic Curl Definer & Moisturizer.  It provides long lasting moisture, continuous hydration without having to use the product daily, does not flake, does not leave a white residue, provides softness, silkiness to the hair while defining curls to perfection.

We are beginning our line with our Certified Organic Curl Definer/Moisturizer and with time and committed support from our customers, we will add other essential healthy products to our line like shampoo, conditioner, edge control etc. 

We want to thank each and every customer for supporting our dream while investing in your natural hair!